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Marsland Press publishes several journals. To cover the cost of online hosting, Internet servicing, editing, handling, etc, it currently charges the publication fee for US$100-500/article. Processed by different groups, the publication fees for different journals are different:

Life Science Journal (life) charges US$500/article (no reduce for this journal).

Journal of American Science (am) charges US$250/article (no reduce for this journal).

Nature and Science (ns) costs US$150/article.

New York Science Journal (ny), World Rural Observations (rural) cost US$100/article.

Researcher (research), Report and Opinion (report), Academia Arena (aa), Stem Cell (stem) and Cancer Biology (cb) cost US$100/article, and offer partial waiver or waiver when it needs.


According to the journalís note, when you submit manuscript(s) to the journals, you are sure and agree the following: You have participated sufficiently in this work; This article is not published elsewhere; All Authors agree and responsibility the contents of this article; You agree that the journal and author(s) have same right for the copyright of this article and either of the journal or author(s) can use it by anyway without noting the other party.


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