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Study of Athletes civil liability in Iranian law


Peiman Latifi 1, Abdollah Ghaderi 2, Shahzad Abdolhoseini rouzbahani3


1. Department of law, University of Tabriz, Iran

Email: peyman.latifi@yahoo.com

2. Department of law, University of Tabriz, Iran

Email: Abdollah_gh2004@yahoo.com

3. Department of law Tabriz branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran


Abstract: Athletes liability rights in Iran and one of the factors discussed in its various aspects are technically enforced. For example the talk sports contracts, legal assignments athletes, coaches and athletic directors individually with an emphasis on personal responsibility and respect of the resolution leaves. In order for the athlete s responsibility to know the condition of civil liability gather consensus, so we focus on the fundamentals of our core philosophy of responsibility and liability requirements for athletes and sportsmen against the third party is responsible for knowing. Was found in violation of rules and regulations for each specific field has led the field to come there is a disciplinary offense or civil liability. However, other cases were studied.. [Peiman latifi , Abdollah ghaderi , Shahzad Abdolhoseini rouzbahani. Study of Athletes civil liability in Iranian law. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):1-5-]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 1. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.01


Keywords: civic responsibility, accountability, responsibility, athletes, sports rights

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Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon: Safety, Tolerance, and Efficacy of 6 months Balloon Treatment: Egyptian Experience with 50 patients


Mohammed Ezz El-Arab Ramadan, Hany Kamal Abdel Hamid, Ramadan Ahmed Ramadan, Ayman Rabei Abdel Kader


Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital, Cairo, Egypt

E-mail: ezzm3@yahoo.com


Abstract: Background: Intragastric ballons have been used since 1985 to treat obesity. Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon BIB is an endoscopic device for temporary treatment of obesity. The aim of this study is to evaluate safety, tolerance and efficacy of BIB in obese patients. 61 patients were screened in the study of these 4 were excluded, 57 patients entered, 50 patients completed the study and 7 patients has removed balloon before study period (6 months). As regarding 50 patients who completed study. The mean weight loss was 23.7 Kg, mean BMI loss was 8.6 Kg/m2. Balloon positioning and removal was safe and concluded that Bioenteric Intragastric balloon is a safe and effective procedure for weight reduction with low morbidity rates.

[Mohammed Ezz El-Arab Ramadan, Hany Kamal Abdel Hamid, Ramadan Ahmed Ramadan, Ayman Rabei Abdel. Kader. Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon: Safety, Tolerance, and Efficacy of 6 months Balloon Treatment: Egyptian Experience with 50 patients. N Y Sci J 2014;7(4):6-9]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 2. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.02


Key Words: BIB: Bioenteric Intragastric Balloon BMI: Body Mass Index.

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Estimation of Phenol Content, Antioxidant Ability and Antibacterial Activity of Two Ginger Zingiber officinale Varieties


Abdelmegid I. Fahmi


Genetics Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Menoufia University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt. abdelmageed.fahmy@agr.menofia.edu.eg


Abstract: Ginger Zingiber officinale has been used as a medicine since ancient times. This study has been concentrated on identification of Indian and Chinese ginger rhizome methanolic extract properties. The objectives were: 1) Estimation of polyphenols, flavonone, dihydroflavonole, flavone and flavonole contents of two variety extracts; 2) Determination of antioxidant activities of the two variety extracts and 3) Finding out the antibacterial abilities of the two extracts. Results showed that the Indian variety contained higher significant polyphenols expressed as gallic acid equivalent than the Chinese variety. Also, the Indian variety demonstrated higher significant values than Chinese variety for the flavonoid group of flavones and flavonols measured as quercetine and flavonoid group of flavanone and dihydroflavonol measured as Naringenin. Also, the concentrations of flavones and flavonols were lower than concentrations of flavanone and dihydroflavonol in both extracts. In addition, it was observed that the Indian variety had higher significant DPPH scavenging ability (antioxidant) than that of the Chinese variety. As for antibacterial activity, Indian extract showed higher antibacterial activity than Chinese extract with gram positive and negative bacteria. Finally, it was concluded that ginger extracts contain considerable amounts of phenolic compounds which are responsible for the observed antimicrobial and antioxidant activities.

[Fahmi AI. Estimation of Phenol Content, Antioxidant Ability and Antibacterial Activity of Two Ginger Zingiber officinale Varieties. N Y Sci J 2014;7(4):10-16]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 3. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.03


Keywords: total phenol, flavonoids, DPPH, antioxidant, antimicrobial.

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Distinctiveness And Characteristic of Competent Manager and Leader In This Advanced Epoch


Engr.Muhammad Mujtaba Asad 1, Engr  Fahad Sherwani  2, Muhammad Ejaz Asad  3


1. Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,Parit Raja Batu Pahat, mujtabaasad11@gmail.com

2. Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Batu Pahat, fahadsherwanis@gmail.com

3. Manager, Pakistan International Airlines PIA Karachi Pakistan.


Abstract: In this paper researchers try to identify the characteristics and differences of competent manager and leader. Leadership and management are terms that are often used interchangeably in the business world to depict someone who manages a team of people. In reality leadership vs. management have very different meanings. To be a great manager you must understand what it takes to also be a great leader. Management and leadership skills are often regarded as one and the same to many businesses. While the two inherently share many similar characteristics, they differ in that not all managers are leaders, but all leaders are managers. They are complementary qualities inexorably linked to each other, and any attempt to extricate one from the other is impossible. Whereas the manager exists to plan, organize and coordinate, a leader serves to inspire and motivate. Militarily speaking, a manager is the battlefield general while the leader is the commander-in-chief. A great quote that shows the differences between managers and leaders: 'Leaders conquer the context - the volatile, turbulent, ambiguous surroundings that sometimes seem to conspire against us and will surely suffocate us if we let them- while managers surrender to it. The manager administers, the leader innovates.

[Engr Muhammad Mujtaba Asad, Engr. Fahad Sherwani, Muhammad Ejaz Asad. Distinctiveness And Characteristic of Competent Manager and Leader In This Advanced Epoch. N Y Sci J 2014;7(4):17-20]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 4. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.04


Keywords: Leadership; Management; Human resource, visible leadership, Business environment, Change management.

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Effect of Lambda-cyhalothrin, Ageratum conyzoides, Cassia hirsuta and Occimum grattissimum on the control of okra flea beetles and its subsequent effect on yield and yield components of okra.


Adekunle Adegboyega Obadofin1, Gabriel Adedotun Sunday Benson2, *Olufemi Sunday Sosanya3 and Abiodun O. Joda3


1Department of Biological Sciences, Ondo State University of Science & Technology, Okitipupa. Ondo State. Nigeria

2Department of Crop Protection, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu. Lagos State. Nigeria

3Department of Crop Production, Olabisi Onabanjo University,

PMB0012 Yewa Campus, Ayetoro, Ogun State.Nigeria

*E-mail: olufemiadsosanya@yahoo.com


Abstract: Acqueous leaf extract of Cassia hirsuta (Stinking cassia), Ageratum conyzoides (Goat weed)and Occimum grattissimum (Bitter basil) at three different levels (100%, 75% and 50%) and recommended rate of Lambda-cyhalothrin at 800ml/ha were used for the control of okra flea beetle at two locations (Ayetoro and Ikorodu). Results obtained indicated that the botanicals tested in Ayetoro had significant effects (P =0.05) on number of fruits per plant, fruit per plot, pods per hectare and total fruit yield in tons per hectare over that in Ikorodu. Insecticides method of extraction and their concentration had significant effects (P=0.05) on the yield and yield components measured. Lambda-cyhalothrin performance exceeded cold and hot water method of extraction in all the parameters.Control plot was the least followed by O. grattissimum. A. conyzoides performed best amongst the botanicals in total fruit yield per hectare and C. hirsuta produced the best result in terms of number of fruits per plant, fruits per plot and number of pods per hectare.

[Adekunle Adegboyega Obadofin, Gabriel Adedotun Sunday Benson, Olufemi Sunday Sosanya  and Abiodun O. Joda. Effect of Lambda-cyhalothrin, Ageratum conyzoides, Cassia hirsuta and Occimum grattissimum on the control of okra flea beetles and its subsequent effect on yield and yield components of okra. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):21-27]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 5. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.05


Keywords: Okra; botanicals; Lambda-cyhalothrin; extraction methods;okra yield.

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Decolorization of Acid Black 194 using certain species of Aspergillus


Amany A. A. and Sally A. A.


Department of Botany and Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Egypt.



Abstract: Decolorization of textile dye acid black 194 by Aspergillus flavus LinkAUMC 9060, Aspergillus tamarii Kita AUMC 9061 and Aspergillus parasiticus Speare AUMC 9062 has been investigated. The maximum dye decolorization has been achieved at 24 ̊C, pH 7, 250 mls flask and shaking at150 rpm. Also aspergilli mixture showed high ability to decolorize acid black 194.

[Amany A. A. and Sally A. A. Decolorization of Acid Black 194 using certain species of Aspergillus. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):28-32]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 6. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.06


Key Words: Decolorization, Acid black 194,AspergillusflavusLink AUMC 9060, Aspergillus tamari Kita AUMC 9061, Aspergillus parasiticus Speare AUMC 9062.

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Nano and Conventional ZnO with Aerobic Exercise have Effects on Some of Hematological Parameters in Male Rat


Hamid Malekshahi Nia1, Abdolhamid Habibi1, Hossein Najafzadeh varzi2, Saeed Shakerian1, Hossein Teymuri Zamaneh 3


1. Department of Sport Physiology, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran.

2. Department of pharmacology, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran.

3. Department of physiology, Ahvaz Joundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran.



Abstract: According to the role of exercise and some elements like zinc on hematological parameters, the aim of this study was investigation the effects of endurance exercising with conventional zinc oxide (cZnO) and/or zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NP) on hematological parameters in adult male Wistar rats. In this study sixty Adult male Wistar rats were divided into groups: controls (receiving saline, without physical activity), physical activity, receiving cZnO and/or ZnO NP (1mg/kg i.p.) daily (5 days in a week) for 6 weeks with and without physical activity. 30 minutes after injection, physical activity groups were doing daily physical activity protocol. After 24 hours of the last practice, animals were became anesthetized and whole blood was gotten directly from their heart and blood samples were transferred to laboratory in order to measure hematologic parameters. Data showed that exercise caused meaningful decrease in red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit amount lonely, in comparison with control group. Also using cZnO and ZnO NP causes meaningful increase in red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit amount in comparison with control group and exercising group. For other parameters no difference was seen between groups (p<0.05). Our study showed that aerobic exercises may cause improvement in some hematological parameters. We didn’t see meaningful difference between cZnO and ZnO NP alone and with exercise on hematological parameters. It seems that interaction between zinc oxide supplements and exercise on hematological parameters need to more studies.

[Hamid Malekshahi Nia, Abdolhamid Habibi, Hossein Najafzadeh varzi, Saeed Shakerian, Hossein Teymuri Zamaneh. Nano and Conventional ZnO with Aerobic Exercise have Effects on Some of Hematological Parameters in Male Rat. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):33-37]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 7. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.07


Keywords: Endurance exercise; Hematological parameters; Rat; ZnO; Nanoparticles.

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Third person arrested at the scene, according to the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Shokofeh Ahmadi 1, Parviz Bagheri  2


  1. M.A. Department of law, Ilam branch, Islamic Azad University, Ilam, Iran

Email: shokofehahmadi@yahoo.com, Tel: +989183444810

2. PhD .Department of law, payam-e-Noor University, Iran


Abstract: The regulations on confiscation of properties in both form of movables and real states have been anticipated in the cases after 49th in the law of enforcement of civil judgments enacted in Aban, 1st, 1356.If the convicted person tends to perform voluntarily the judgment, he/she should act the contents of judgments in the period which is defined by the court or tries to prepare the steps and essentials of acting the contents base on the regulation. Regarding the present laws, accepting the confiscation demand is conditioned by; The first: they should not be in disturbance to the law third parties. The second: the property demanding for confiscation should not be in the excluded debt. The third: if the convicted person were the municipality or the government they accept of demand should be done regarding the special conditions. In addition, both being determinate or indeterminate about the object of judgment and if the object of judgment were obligated to do or prevented to do can be mentioned regarding that the officials and municipalities or third parties are really mentioned toward executing the judgment. The possibility of confiscating both movable and real states would be limited to some more extent up to the ratifying and notifying the budget for a next year and help, after the year in which the verdict is issued. This issue is right about the movable and real estate properties of municipalities which are based on the regulation of prohibition of confiscating the movable and real estate properties (ratified in 2, 14, 1361) The enforcement of civil judgment anticipated some solutions for both respecting the right of third parties and performing the arbiter duty, such as: article No 44, 26, 146, 147 and articles from 61 to 66, which all will be discussed in details in the body of the essay.

It is wished/helped that the issues which are discussed in this essay can help to understand al articles of the enforcements of civil judgments.

[Shokofeh  ahmadi, Parviz Bagheri. Third person arrested at the scene, according to the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):38-42]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 8. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.08


Keywords: Third person, arrested, according, current laws, Iran

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Studying I-V Characteristic of an Optical Detector in Low Temperature


Bahareh Boroomandnasab1, Abdolnabi kovsariyan1, and Mohammad Sorosh1


1Electrical Department of Engineering Faculty Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran,



Abstract: Optoelectronic devices in the range between LWIR and MWIR have several applications such as optical gas sensing, free-space optical communications, infrared measurement, thermal imaging and biomedical etc. Expression of applications, the need for research in the simulation of semiconductor detector features felt. HgCdTe semiconductor detector with a narrow band gap, which can range in wavelength of the aforementioned acts. It's possible to show an elements behavior and Performance by simulated without making it. So far, extensive research to reduce dark current and rise in device operation temperature is performed. Use at low temperatures will result in increased costs. The research was aimed to simulate a Hg1-xCdxTe light detector with considering tunneling effect, the Auger and SRH recombination. To achieve this goal, assist those equations to simulate drift - diffusion is done in MATLAB software.

[Boroomandnasab, B. , kovsariyan, A., and Sorosh, M. Studying I-V Characteristic of an Optical Detector in Low Temperature. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):43-46]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 9. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.09


Keywords: Optical detector, Simulation, Drift - Diffusion, Tunneling, recombination Auger, Recombination SRH.

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Comparing the thinking and attachment styles in adolescents with and without parents


Shabnam Moadab Kazerouni1, Noshirvan Khezri Moghadam2, Seyed Mehdi Hosseinifard3


1. M.A. Department of Clinical Psychology, Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, Iran

2. Assistant Professor, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran

3. Assistant Professor, Medical Sciences University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran


Abstract: This study aims to compare the thinking and attachment styles in adolescent with and without parents. The participants of this survey study includes all adolescents aged 12-18 years in Kerman and adolescents aged 12-18 years who have no parents and are kept in centers under the supervision of Kerman Welfare General Department; 100 adolescents without parents and 100 adolescents with parents were respectively selected through census and random method as participants. Data were collected using attachment styles questionnaire and thinking styles questionnaire, and analyzed using descriptive statistics, independent T-Test and chi-square. The results have indicated that there is a significant difference between adolescents with and without parents in attachment styles. Moreover, there is a difference between them in functional, judicial, anarchic, oligarchic, internal, external, liberal and conservative thinking styles at level 0.01, and in anarchic thinking, hierarchical, local and global styles at level 0.05; there is no significant between them in executive thinking style. Dominant styles in adolescence with and without parents are secure and anxious attachment style, respectively. Functional, anarchic, external, judicial, liberal, conservative, local, global, internal, hierarchical, executive, anarchic and oligarchic thinking styles are dominant ones in adolescence with parents; functional, anarchic, global, local, external, executive, judicial, liberal, hierarchical, conservative, internal, anarchic and oligarchic thinking styles are dominant ones in adolescents without parents.

[Shabnam Moadab Kazerouni, Noshirvan Khezri Moghadam, Seyed Mehdi Hosseinifard. Comparing the thinking and attachment styles in adolescents with and without parents. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):47-58]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 10. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.10


Keywords: thinking styles, attachment styles, adolescence without parents, adolescence with parents

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The position of interactivity in electronic education and learning system


Motahareh Hosseini1, Mostafa Zamanian2


1. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Foreign Languages, Qeshm Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm, Iran

2. Ph.D. Department of Foreign Languages, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran



Abstract: The rapid and increasing growth of information and communication technology (ITC) leads to changes in the various fields of human life, including the education system. Cyberspace gives many capabilities in education field to its users with enormous resources and facilities in science and knowledge field and features like timelessness, spacelessness and interactivity, etc. Expressions like class without wall, smart schools and virtual University, etc. refer to new type of e-training, which in contrast with traditional education, is being fit in educational systems of various countries. In traditional education because of the physical presence in time and place, student, professor and the content and school resources, the participation and interactivity is face to face and the main features of the education are the interactivities which knowledge and information are exchanged through them. With the introduction of e-educating, as a manifestation of the penetration of ICT to education field and teaching-learning process, the concept of interactivity in teaching and learning process has also undergone extensive transformation. Successful learning is achieved when the learners can interact well with the content, means of communication and ... until the enough motivation is created in the learner. In fact, in e-learning environment a condition should be created that the leaner see him in front of the problem and seek and think to solve it. Some believe that if a technique or tool is in coordination with the technology and interactive, then it will be in the bests. The main question in this article is to investigate the interoperability of distance educating and answer to this question regarding that in virtual educating environment the interactivities are not face to face, whether this has an impact on the learning of learners or not?

[Motahareh Hosseini, Mostafa Zamanian. The position of interactivity in electronic education and learning system. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):59-63]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 11. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.11


Keywords: e-learning, interactivity, communications

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Therapeutic efficacy of ACT's commitment to the quality of life and reduce symptoms of psychosomatic diseases


Farnaz Dada


Lecturer in Payam-e-Noor University, Doolatabad, Isfahan


Abstract: Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a chronic, pervasive disorder for which we have yet to develop sufficiently efficacious interventions. In this article we propose that recent research and theory regarding this disorder supports the integration of acceptance-based treatments with existing cognitive-behavioral treatments for GAD to improve the efficacy and clinical significance of such approaches. The bases for this proposal (from both the GAD and the acceptance-based treatment literature) are reviewed, and a new treatment stemming from this conceptual integration is described. Effect size estimates suggest that mindfulness-based therapy was moderately effective for improving anxiety (Hedges’s g = 0.63) and mood symptoms (Hedges’s g = 0.59) from pre- to post treatment in the overall sample. In patients with anxiety and mood disorders, this intervention was associated with effect sizes (Hedges’s g) of 0.97 and 0.95 for improving anxiety and mood symptoms, respectively.

[Farnaz Dada. Taxonomic Diversity of Understorey Therapeutic efficacy of ACT's commitment to the quality of life and reduce symptoms of psychosomatic diseases. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):64-71]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 12. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.12


Keywords: Therapeutic efficacy, psychosomatic diseases, GAD

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Modernization And Its Sociological Connotations And Trends With Reference To India


Jamshed Ansari


Asstt. Professor (Guest Faculty), Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi (INDIA)

E-mail: jamshedansari024@gmail.com


Abstract: The author has aimed to define and evaluate the concept of Modernization and its sociological connotations and trends with reference to India. He attempts to underline the forces of Modernization through the period of British contact and the impact of Modernization on the Indian Constitution. The Issues that have to be discussed in the paper are as what is meant by Modernization? Why is Modernization a value? How have the processes of Sanskritization, Westernization and Little and Great Traditions affected social change in India? What are the challenges in the process of change resulting in a homogenous social order and what are the reasons for emergence of Post Modernism. The author proceeds with the hypotheses that the process of Modernization in India began with the British contact. The dynamics of the processes of change are not mutually exclusive. Though we have modernized to a considerable extent, there are still sections of society which have not transformed owing to lack of structural adjustments and government initiative. The Indian Constitution engrafts modern policies and directives and is a beautiful example of a secular document based on modern, humanistic and welfarist doctrines. It is a dispassionate discussion of the topic and value-judgments regarding ‘traditional’ being good and ‘modern’ being bad, or vice-versa, should have no place.

[Jamshed Ansari. Modernization And Its Sociological Connotations And Trends With Reference To India. N Y Sci J 2014;7(5):72-81]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 13. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.13


Key Words: Modernization, Sanskritization, Westernization, Social Change, Value, Society etc.

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The Use AHP In Integrating BSC & Td-ABC To Improve The Performance Of Commercial Banks


Ahmed Abdel kader Ahmed


Accounting Department, Faculty of Commerce, Al-Azhar University, Egypt



Abstract: Although, the BSC has been designed to provide a balanced picture of financial and non-financial perspectives, many companies don’t have realized the potential benefits of these relatively new measurement systems because they fail to correctly identify, analyze and act on the measurements time driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) is important not only in the process of providing full and in time information which aim at serving both the customer and cost goals. On the other hand, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision making method used for evaluating various criteria in order to choose the best one while determining critical success criteria. The aim is to create a modeling in order to integrate BSC with TDABC and AHP in order to correctly identify, analyze and act on the measurements and applied this to support process strategic financial &nonfinancial performance of Egyptian banks

[Abdelkader, Ahmed. The Use AHP In Integrating Bsc & Td-ABC To Improve The Performance Of Commercial Banks. N Y Sci J 2014:7(5):82-96]. (ISSN: 1554-0200). http://www.sciencepub.net/newyork. 14. doi:10.7537/marsnys070514.14


Keywords: Balanced Scorecard (BSC); TD-ABC; AHP approach, Performance of commercial banks.

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