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ISSN: 1545-4570 (print); ISSN: 1945-4732 (online)

 Volume 2 - Issue 2 (Cumulated No. 6), June 25, 2011; ISSN 1554-0200

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Glosarries of Life Science


Ma Hongbao, Yang Yan, Sun Yiwu


Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY 11212, USA


Abstract: This glossary collects 4080 words and phrases in life science fields, especially ub the field of stem cells. The glossary contents come from Internet and other related dictionaries.

[Ma H, Yang Y, Sun Y. Glosarries of Life Science. Stem Cell. 2011;2(2):1-155] (ISSN 1545-4570). 1



Keywords: life; science; dictionary; glossary; word

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