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Marsland Company is located in Brooklyn of New York. The mission of our company and partners is to help people to have happy experiences during trip in great Shanghai of China. 


We help you to have a best arrangement for your trip to Shanghai of China, with the low cost. 


If you trip to Shanghai of China, please email to the following addresses to get the best service:

china24680@gmail.com, if you are in China 

america24680@gmail.com, if you are in other country

Shanghai is China's most comprehensive industrial and commercial city, ranking the first in population and population density. As a tourist city, it attracts travelers from both home and abroad by its commercial activity rather than scenic beauty.
Located where the Yangtze River, China's largest river, joins the country's prosperous eastern coast, Shanghai has evolved from a small 19th century fishing town into a modern metropolis and a renowned financial and trade center in East Asia.

Shanghai has a written history of over 4,000 years. After the mid-Qing Dynasty, Shanghai became an important port for domestic and foreign trade. Now Shanghai Port is the country's largest and ranks third in the world. It is linked with more than 400 ports in about 160 countries and regions
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Find information from Shanghai Attractions and Trip suggestion to make your detail trip plan, and submit guest's profile to china24680@gmail.com, if you are in China or america24680@gmail.com, if you are in other country. During your trip in Shanghai, try to enjoy the delicious food in Shanghai.


You could choice hotel (we recommend cheap and nice hotel, cost US$20 to 30/person/night) or homestay (US$100 to 200/a room/week, maximal two adults plus one kid). Homestay counts as week and need to do accomondation regist. Hotel will do accomondation regist for you.


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Shanghai transportation is very convenient in Shanghai. Subway is best one with low cost and quick. Taxi is convenent, but not quick due to traffic and also expensive. Bus is cheap and slow. If you need to pick up at airport, you should have a request in guest's profile. If you do not need pick up at airport. We will give you detail instruction for convenient transportation to the lodge place.


Currency exchange:
For your convenience, we do limited currency exchange according to daily rate. Maximal to US$100. You will get Chinese currency when you check in hotel or homestay, find detail information from Question and Answer. If you have citibank ATM card (www.citibank.com), you could get cash of Chinese currency from ATM in Shanghai directly.
Known as the "Museum of World Architecture", Shanghai has houses and buildings of classical Chinese, European, Japanese and modern styles. The streets of Shanghai are named after Chinese provinces, cities and counties. The elevated Inner Ring Road, 47.66 kilometers long, surrounds the city proper and links Pudong with Puxi. Another elevated highway runs from south to north through the city's downtown area. The subway Metro Line One runs from the Shanghai Railway Station to Xinzhuang. A multi-tiered traffic network has emerged in Shanghai. The Bund along the Huangpu River was once known as the "Wall Street of Far East".
Enjoy your trip in great Shanghai!
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You could rent a cellular phone for free, but you pay your calling fee. calling fee is very cheap in Shanghai or to other city of China and some of other countries.
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When your visa has been approved and your airline also determined, let us know 5-7 days in advance. We will do the best arrangement for you and you will be charged US$ 5 at http://www.paypal.com/ to america24680@gmail.com if you have paypal account, or email to us get the other way for pay.
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