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200804 (Vol.5,
  No.4), November 15, 2008

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1. Main hypotheses, concepts and theories in the study of Alzheimer*s disease

1 每 5

Yuhui An, Chao Zhang, Siyu He, Chunxia Yao, Limei Zhang, Qian Zhang

2. Application of ISSR markers in detection of genetic variation among Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita Thunb) cultivars

6 每 12

Yanqing Zhou, Chune Zhou, Huanling Yao, Yanju Liu, Rongtao Tu

3. Correlation between expression of B7-H1 and clinical progression in human esophageal carcinoma

13 每 16

Shuman Liu, Huixia Zhang, Hui Chen, Xiaoping Le, Pei Chen, Qinxian Zhang

4. Expression of iKIR-HLA-Cw in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

17 每 22

Huixia Zhang, Shuman Liu, Zhanju Liu, Jichang Li

5. Genic expression and promotor methylation of hMSH2 in esophageal cancer tissues

23 每 27

Gongyuan Zhang, Qiuliang Liu, Chunxiao Ma, Xiaoping Le, Yi Ding, Qinxian Zhan

6. Differential proteins expression between gastric cancer and normal cell lines

28 每 32

Jing Zang, Ping Wang, Sanyou Gao, Di Xiao, Jianzhong Zhang, Kaijuan Wang

7. Rapid enrichment of stem cell population by filter screening and biomarker-immunoassay from human epidermis

33 每 37

Naigang Zheng, Li Wang, Jinglan Wu, Hongwen Li, Yiling Wang, Qinxian Zhang

8. Influence of acute hypervolemic hemodilution with different intravascular volume replacement on blood coagulation and renal function in elderly patients

38 每 40

Li Li, Zhisong Li, Yanqiu Ai, Zhongyu Wang

9. Influence of Euonymus alatus Sied extracts on MDCK proliferation and high concentration of glucose induced cell injury

41 每 46

Haiyan Yang, Qiujuan Wang, Danni Zhu

10. Co-detection of five species of water-borne bacteria by multiplex PCR

47 每 54

Hongying Fan, Qingping Wu, Xiaoxia Kou

11. Physicochemical and proximate composition of mango (Mangifera indica) kernel cake fermented with mono-culture of fungal isolates obtained from naturally decomposed mango kernel

55 每 63

R.M.O. Kayode, A. Sani

12. Production of high-ethanol-yielding Saccharomyces cerevisiae of palm wine origin by protoplast fusion

64 每 68

I.N. Nwachukwu, V.I. Ibekwe, R.N. Nwabueze, B.N. Anyanwu, U. Ezeji, I. Kalu, E. Chinakwe

13. The effects of processing on the amino acid profile of Oze (Bosqueia angolensis) seed flour

69 每 74

J.N. Nwosu, C.N. Ubbaonu, E.O.I. Banigo, A. Uzomah

14. The zooplankton and phytoplankton biomass in a tropical creek, in relation to water quality indices

75 每 82

I.C. Onyema, A.A. Ojo

15. Life cycle of earthworms Drawida nepalensis, Metaphire houlleti and Perionyx excavatus under laboratory controlled conditions

83 每 86

Namita Joshi, Madhuri Dabral

16. Tree species diversity and distribution patterns in tropical forest of Eastern Ghats, India: a case study

87 每 93

C. Sudhakar Reddy, Prachi Ugle

17. Author index and subjects index


On the cover: In the upper row, Figure a showed the filter-screened keratinocytes (KC) via 240 mu contained more

larger KC without nuclei and a few of smaller nucleated cells (putative epidermal stem cell population, ESCP), Wright*s

stain, ℅400; Figure b showed the filter-screened KC via 350 mu contained more smaller nucleated cells (putative ESCP),

Wright*s stain, ℅400. In the lower row, Figure a showed the eluted ESCP via ELISA-plate showed dark-brownish color,

p63 immunostaining, eosin counterstaining, ℅1000; Figure b showed the eluted ESCP via Sepharose 4B minicolumn

showed dark-brownish color, k19 immunostaining, eosin counterstaining,℅1000. See Rapid enrichment of stem cell population

by filter screening and biomarker-immunoassay from human epidermis by Naigang Zheng, et al, page 33 每 37

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