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Biomedicine and Nursing

Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition

ISSN 2379-8211 (print); ISSN 2379-8203 (online); doi prefix:10.7537; Quarterly

Published By the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and Marsland Press

 Introduction,  Publication ethics and malpractice statement

, Root Indexing; Journal Index I2OR; IF A2016: 1.58


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The Biomedicine and Nursing is an international journal aimed to provide a vehicle for rapid publication of biomedicine and nursing science in the world. The Fields include the biology, clinical medicine, clinical nursing and researches in biomedicine and nursing etc, and the fields also include the management and education on the biomedicine, nursing, international biomedicine with nursing research. We welcome all those working in biomedicine and nursing and related fields to submit their papers, like research reports, opinions/debates, news, letters, reviews, innovative reports, and any other types writings etc. All manuscripts to the Biomedicine and Nursing are under vigorous peer-review. Let's work together to disseminate our research results and our opinions to make the journal as a platform of showcase in the world for biomedicine and nursing science.

E-mail; nbmeditor@gmail.com; Website: http://www.nbmedicine.org


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